We want all customers to enjoy their visit with us. Which is why we offer unlimited access to our Game Library of hundreds of games to all everyone. 

To ensure as many guests as possible can do so we have instituted a few rules...


We understand that accidents happen and occasionally a game may fall casualty to one.

To help prevent this from happening each table is longer than needed for seating. When not actively eating, please place all food and beverages at the end of the table. 


We do not enforce time limits at our tables on most days, however, during busier periods we do ask that customers keep their dining and game sessions to 90 minutes or less. We want to ensure anyone who wants to dine and play with us has the opportunity. Please keep longer games to less busy times. 


Not sure what to play? Need someone to making a final ruling on your quest? Ask your server or the on staff Game Master! 

During their free time our staff enjoy games just as much as you do and chances are they will be able to give you insight in to fun new games to play. 

Occasionally, Slice n Dice will host a tournament for specific games. If there is dispute the assigned Game Master will make the final ruling. In these instances, the decision will be final and undisputable.